Captain Keith’s love of cooking began when he and his family lived in Lake Tahoe, Nevada; long before he became a crab fisherman and celebrity on the Deadliest Catch. At the age of 14, he started working in French restaurants, making his way through several kitchens as a saucier, sous-chef and ultimately receiving classic culinary training to become an executive chef.

Seafood has always been a favorite food of Captain Keith’s due to the versatility, flavor and healthfulness it provides. It wasn’t long before crab became the feature of his trademark dishes. Captain Keith enjoys creating elaborate culinary delights such as citrus-chili infused crab with spicy lemon aioli, ruby red grapefruit and mango ponzu sauces or, he’ll simplify the presentation by serving the crab as an appetizer of passion fruit and crab ceviche. The possibilities with crab are endless. Whether you use king crab, snow crab or tanner crab; each variety has its own distinct flavor that will be the highlight of any dish.

Spending time in the kitchen always put Captain Keith at ease and he quickly discovered the simplicity of cooking with seafood. This inspired him to create his new product line: Captain Keith’s Catch.

Captain Keith’s Catch offers a variety of sauces and dry rubs that combine the perfect blend of spices and herbs to bring out the natural flavors of seafood.

Captain Keith’s Catch will be on your local grocery shelves in the summer of 2015!

Captain Keith’s Catch Product Line:


  • Seafood Glaze

  • Scampi Seafood Sauce

Dry Rubs:

  • Crab Boil

  • Salmon Seasoning

  • Seafood Seasoning